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Now that you had won your case in court, Congradulations! By this time, either you or your attorneys (if they work on contingency) had invested lots of time and money, into your case. Not only that, but you also suffered loss, as a result of the actions of the person, that you sued. Truth of the matter is, that person or entity has now costed you Lots, and I mean Lots of Time and money. The question that comes in your mind, when will I get paid?

Every day new cases are filed across the country, in both Civic and Small Claims Courts. The truth and reality is that, 80% of Judgments Remain Unpaid for various reasons. The following are few main reasons, why judgments are never paid:

  1. The Judgment Debtor – probably does not agree with the Judgment you received against him/her, in the first place, and does not want to pay you. If He/She/it agreed with you, he/she would already paid in full, even before the court date.
  2. The Judgment Debtor – is banking on a probability that you won’t know what to do with the Judgment. If you won’t do anything, than your judgment will Expire after certain number of years (In California it is 10 years), at that time you will lose all your rights to ever collect on the judgment, like it never happened.
  3. The Judgment Debtor files for Bankruptcy, and the money he/she/it owes you, will get wiped out.
  4. The Judgment Debtor moves out of country.
  5. The Judgment Debtor Dies.


Those are just a few of the Reasons that the Judgments remain unpaid. Contact us TODAY, Before you FOREVER Lost your Rights, to Collect on Your Judgment.