Enforcing Judgments in California and Other States. At no cost to you.

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How We Do It

Our company is a very knowledgeable and experienced in areas of Judgment Enforcement. We do not give legal advise, nor do we represent you in court or elsewhere. We are not an attorneys, nor do we claim to be providing legal services. What we do, is we Buy Your Judgment on Assignment for 50% of its actual value, and then Enforce that Judgment through various means. 50% of nothing = Nothing. 50% of Something = something. Allow us to pay you on your court judgment.


We have expertise and knowledge to acually enforce court judgments, by those and other lawful means.

  1. By Locating the Judgment Debtors Bank Accounts and Safe Deposit Boxes, and Lawfully Seizing the Assets, in order to satisfy the Judgment
  2. By Locating and Seizing the Judgment Debtors Real Estate Properties, Cars, Boats, SUV’S, in order to satisfy the Judgment.
  3. Locating the Judgment Debtors, and her/his spouse’s place of work, and garnishing their wages.
  4. By Conducting JDX (Judgment Debtors Examinations), to be able to better understand and find the assets of the Judgment Debtor.


There are Lots of Costs involved, in Locating the Judgment Debtors place of residence, telephone numbers, bank accounts, and other assets. We pay All of the Costs Upfront Ourselves. If we do not collect, it costs you NOTHING. If you dont act today, your rights to collect under your judgment maybe forever lost. Fill out a Judgment Evaluation Form, Contact us today, to see if we can help.