Enforcing Judgments in California and Other States. At no cost to you.

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About Us

Capitol Asset Recovery is a Professional Company, that uses Knowledge and Experience of Hundreds of Professionals to collect on Unpaid Judgments. We will protect your Interests, and will fight, so that YOU GET PAID! We do not legally represent Plaintiffs. All we do, is we buy the Judgments on Assignment, and then enforce them through various lawful Means. We work with Plaintiffs on contingency, and we Pay All Costs ourselves, such as costs to find debtors, serve them, find assets, conduct debtors examinations in court, do a bank levies and much, much more. We are members in the professional association CAJP (here put a logo of that cajp) We are very experienced in what we do, dont wait until your judgment expires, contact us Today! Let us collect on Unpaid Court Judgment Today!

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